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Certified Flight Instructor Resources by Derek W Beck




Use of instruments solely as a mean to navigate, necessary for inadvertent entry into IMC.


To teach basic flight maneuvers solely by reference to instruments.


         Clear the area

         Choose forced landing area

         Configure aircraft for cruise or as necessary (C172RG: 23 Hg, 2300 RPM)

         Student: wear a view-limiting device

         Straight-and-level flight maintain heading and altitude using heading indicator and attitude indicator; pitch only one-half bar width on the attitude indicator for less than 100 feet of altitude change

         Standard rate turns bank using attitude indicator (approx. 15), maintain airspeed control while using turn coordinator to judge turn, use ball to judge quality of turn, use heading indicator to roll out on new heading at 50% of bank angle prior to heading

         Climbs and descents perform climbs and descents using airspeed, vertical speed (rate) or both

o        Climbs: Pitch, Power, Trim; Descents: Power, Pitch, Trim

o        Leveling out: for climbs: 10% of climb rate prior to altitude; for descents: 100-150 prior to altitude

o        With turns, roll out on new heading at 50% of bank angle prior to heading

         Maintain ball centered

         Instructor looks for traffic while student performs under a hood

Common Errors

         Failure to properly interpret instruments

         Failure to cross-reference instruments


FAA-H-8083-15A Instrument Flying Handbook Chapter 4 and 5

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