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A stall resulting from crossed controls: aileron pressure applied in one direction and rudder pressure in opposite direction.


To demonstrate the effect of improper control technique and to emphasize the importance of using coordinated control pressures when making turns.


         Clear the area

         Choose forced landing area

         Configure aircraft for final approach for landing: CCGUMPS, approach power (C172RG: 15 Hg, 2700 RPM), flaps up (flaps down will lead to excessive loads), gear extended, carburetor heat on, altitude so recovery is ≥1500 AGL

         Select outside references

         Reduce power to idle

         Maintain altitude until a normal glide (C172RG: 65 KIAS) and trim to relieve control pressures

         Roll into a medium bank turn (20-30) once on simulated approach

         Apply heavy rudder pressure in the direction of the turn

         Apply opposite aileron pressure to maintain the bank

         Increase back elevator pressure to keep the nose from lowering

         Increase all flight control pressures until airplane stalls


         Immediately release all control pressures and, if necessary, allow the roll to continue until airplane reaches upright and level flight

         Increase power to full to climb and recover

         Maintain ball centered

         Look for traffic


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