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A stall resulting from application of full power during a go-around when positive control of the airplane is not maintained.


To demonstrate recovery procedures for overcoming strong trim forces and how to maintain control of the airplane by using proper and timely trim techniques.


         Clear the area

         Choose forced landing area

         Configure aircraft for final approach for landing: CCGUMPS, approach power (C172RG: 15 Hg, 2700 RPM), full flaps down, gear extended, carburetor heat on, altitude so recovery is ≥1500 AGL

         Select outside references

         Reduce power to idle

         Maintain altitude until normal glide speed is reached (C172RG: 65 KIAS)

         Trim nose up (full up for best effect) to simulate landing approach to maintain final approach speed

         Apply full power to simulate a go-around

o        The combined forces of power, engine torque, back elevator trim will make the nose pitch up sharply with a left-turning tendency; as the pitch attitude increases to a point well above normal climb attitude, the potential for a stall exists


         Immediately apply positive forward elevator pressure to lower nose and return to normal climbing attitude

         Trim to relieve excessive control pressure

         Continue normal go-around procedures and level off at the desired altitude

         Maintain ball centered

         Look for traffic


It is imperative that a stall not occur during an actual go-around as there may not be sufficient altitude to recover.


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