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Certified Flight Instructor Resources by Derek W Beck




Simulated engine failure power-off approach and landing.


To teach planning, orientation, division of attention, control feel and emergency procedures for a power-off approach and landing.


         Clear the area

         Choose forced landing area (your outside reference): choose a field and stick with it; best choice may be behind you

         Configure aircraft: no flaps, gear extended, carburetor heat on, throttle to idle (C172RG: Propeller to 2700 RPM), establish and maintain best glide speed or 1.4 VSO (C172RG: 75 KIAS 0 Flaps)

         Engine out checklist: carburetor heat on, fuel selector both, mixture rich, auxiliary fuel pump on (if pressure < 0.5 psi), primer in and locked, cowl flaps closed

         Simulated: squawk 7700, mayday on 121.5

         Clear engine using brief applications of power

         Forced landing checklist (simulated): mixture cutoff, fuel valve off, gear down, ignition off, unlatch doors, master off when landing assured

         Maneuver as necessary to reach key point on base

         When landing assured, gear up if terrain is rough or soft else gear down

         Flaps and slip as necessary to reach aiming point

         Maintain ball centered

         Look for traffic


FAA-H-8083-3A Airplane Flying Handbook p. 8-21

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