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Certified Flight Instructor Resources by Derek W Beck




An intentionally uncoordinated maneuver when the bank angle of an airplane is too steep for the existing rate of turn but the ground track is kept parallel to the runway. (Useful in forced landings and steep approaches for landing in confined areas.)


To teach judgment and procedures necessary to descend rapidly while maintaining control and ground track to allow for a safe landing.


         Clear the area

         Choose forced landing area (runway)

         Configure aircraft: landing checklist (no flaps), extend gear, final approach (C172RG: 15 Hg, 2700 RPM, 70 KIAS)

         Select outside references (touchdown point)

         Throttle to idle, bank in the direction of any crosswind with sufficient bank to give a steep descent based on the altitude necessary to lose while simultaneously applying sufficient opposite rudder to maintain the original flightpath

         Maintain attitude (IAS not accurate)

         Recover when a normal landing can be made: level the wings while releasing rudder

         Pitch to normal glide attitude

         Land at touchdown point (without use of flaps) beyond and within 400 at approximate stalling speed with no side drift

Common Errors

         Recovering by abruptly releasing rudder pressure, causing the nose to swing to quickly and causing excessive airspeed

         Failing to control pitch resulting in excessive or insufficient airspeed

         Side slipping, resulting in drifting away from the ground track to the centerline of the runway


FAA-H-8083-3A Airplane Flying Handbook p. 8-10

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