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Whenever landing conditions are not satisfactory, a rejected landing is warranted. The need for a go-around is not a consequence of a poor approach and is considered as a normal maneuver.


To teach the procedures of a go-around and to emphasize the need to be prepared for unexpected situations during landing.


·         Clear the area

·         Choose forced landing area (runway)

·         Configure aircraft: landing checklist, begin the final approach to land (C172RG: 15” Hg, 2700 RPM)

·         Select outside references (field)

·         Commit to go-around (don’t change mind!)

·         Smoothly apply throttle to full while simultaneously anticipating left-turning tendencies with right rudder pressure

·         Adjust pitch for VX (C172RG: 55 KIAS)

·         Carburetor heat off (cold)

·         Establish positive rate of climb

·         Smoothly retract first notch of flaps; stabilize attitude (C172RG: Retract to 20º)

·         Rough trim as needed

·         Maneuver airplane to the traffic-pattern side of the runway and fly parallel to it

·         Smoothly retract the remaining flaps incrementally (allow aircraft to stabilize)

·         Adjust pitch for VY (C172RG: 77 KIAS)

·         Open cowl flaps

·         Retract landing gear upon passing useable runway and achieving a safe altitude and positive climb rate

·         Maintain ball centered

·         Look for traffic

Common Errors

·         Failing to commit to a go-around when situation warrants

·         Failing to anticipate and adjust for pitch to maintain safe airspeed

·         Failing to anticipate and adjust for left turning tendencies

·         Retracting landing gear before flaps, since flaps cause more drag and since an inadvertent touchdown (or second touchdown) can occur


FAA-H-8083-3A Airplane Flying Handbook p. 8-11

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