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Certified Flight Instructor Resources by Derek W Beck




Approach and landing made by gliding with the engine idling from downwind to a touchdown beyond and within 200 feet of a designated line or mark on the runway.


To teach judgment in and procedures necessary for accurately flying the airplane, without power, to a safe landing.


·         Clear the area

·         Choose forced landing area (runway)

·         Configure aircraft: landing checklist (CCGUMPS, no flaps), insure gear extended, approx. 1000’ AGL downwind for landing (C172RG: 18” Hg, 2700 RPM)

·         Select outside references (e.g. aim point markers)

·         Throttle to idle abeam touchdown

·         Establish and maintain best glide speed or 1.4 VSO (C172RG: 75 KIAS 0º Flaps)

·         Select aim point ahead of touchdown point (compensate for ground effect)

·         Position and adjust base leg as necessary and compensate for wind

·         Flaps or forward slip as necessary for landing on touchdown point

·         Land at touchdown point beyond and within 200’

o        How to measure? Runway edge lights are spaced 50’

Common Errors

·         Downwind leg too far from runway/landing area

·         Overextension of downwind leg resulting from tailwind

·         Inadequate compensation for wind drift on base leg

·         Skidding turns in an effort to increase gliding distance

·         Failure to lower landing gear in retractable gear airplanes

·         Attempting to “stretch” the glide during undershoot

·         Premature flap extension/landing gear extension

·         Use of throttle to increase the glide instead of merely clearing the engine

·         Forcing the airplane onto the runway to avoid overshooting the touchdown point


FAA-H-8083-3A Airplane Flying Handbook p. 8-21

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