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Certified Flight Instructor Resources by Derek W Beck




Use of instruments solely as a mean to recover from steep climbing or descending turns, necessary for inadvertent entry into IMC.


To teach proper techniques required to return the airplane to straight and level flight.


         Clear the area

         Instructor: choose forced landing area

         Configure aircraft for cruise or as necessary (C172RG: 23 Hg, 2300 RPM)

         Student: wear a view-limiting device

         Instructor: put aircraft into an unusual attitude

         Student: Recover from unusual attitude using only instruments:

o        Nose low: reduce power to idle, wings level, pitch the nose to level flight, then readjust for cruise flight

o        Nose high: increase power to full, apply forward elevator pressure to prevent stall, wings level, then readjust for cruise flight

         Maintain ball centered throughout recovery

         Instructor looks for traffic while student performs under a hood

Common Errors

         Slow cross-check and fixation

         Attempting recovery by sensory information versus instruments

         Failure to practice basic instrument skills


FAA-H-8083-15A Instrument Flying Handbook p. 5-26

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